June 18, 2024

NASA enhances engineering with Synera

Low-Code Platform by Synera to streamline CAE workflows at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Synera, the leading low-code platform for process automation in engineering, is honored to announce that NASA, specifically the esteemed Goddard Space Flight Center, is now their customer. The Goddard Space Flight Center, NASA's premiere space flight complex, is known for its significant contributions to earth sciences, astronomy, and space exploration. This collaboration marks a significant milestone for Synera, underlining their commitment to supporting the engineering and scientific communities with their innovative process automation solution.  

The NASA Goddard Space Flight Center is a hub of innovation and technological excellence. It has led some of the most groundbreaking projects in space exploration, including the development of the Hubble Space Telescope Service Missions and the ongoing success of the James Webb Space Telescope.  

Synera's process automation software, specifically tailored for engineers, offers a low-code platform that simplifies the modelling and execution of complex engineering workflows and closes the gap between AI and the CAE tool stack. This capability is particularly relevant for organizations like NASA, where innovation and precision are essential.  

"As an aerospace engineer, it’s a true honor to see our work recognized by such a respected organization," said Moritz Maier, CEO and Co-founder of Synera.

As Synera continues to expand its reach and impact, they are proud to support the mission of organizations like NASA. The goal remains to empower engineers around the world with tools that enhance productivity, enable AI for engineers, and facilitate the sharing of knowledge within and across teams.  

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