November 1, 2022

Release 22.10 Fabulous Freya

Step into Synera 22 10 Fabulous Freya, packed with game-changing features!

Our new version 22.10 Fabulous Freya with some of the most important new features is live!

Our new release is fully packed with 87 new features, and 98 bugs were fixed. Check out our release webinar with our Co-CEO Daniel Siegel and our Head of Academy Marvin Frank.

UX improvements

  • Search everything on your canvas
  • Copy the wire quickly
  • New render mode "Wireframe without hidden lines"
  • Show your registered variables in the quick search
  • Search nodes with an acronym
  • The trial becomes smoother!
  • Specify the path for the connected applications
  • Improved global search

Node improvements

  • Buckling and Modal Analysis load steps: New Lower and upper bound inputs
  • Construct Model: Construct a model with either only a part, a node or an element (or of course any combination of the three).
  • FEM Solver: Thread input to control the thread usage
  • Isotropic Material: You can now create an isotropic material without specifying any mechanical properties
  • Fixed Displacement node (formerly known as Support) with Enforced Displacement
  • Evaluate Expression: Added the Match inputs button
  • Untrim Surface: Added Curve outputs
  • Create Sliders: you have a toggle to decide if the created sliders should show up in the search or not
  • Convert to Quad Mesh : change the default value of the Adaptive size input to 0.200 (to give the algorithm more wiggle room)
  • The "Canvas image" node (previously called "Image Annotation") got more functionalities.
  • The "Fixed Displacement" node (prev, "Support" node) obtains two new inputs "Displacements" and "Rotations" to enforce displacements via e.g. vectors or fields.
  • Our "FEM Solver" node now supports multi-threading which you can modify with the "Threads" input.

New Nodes

  • Control web
  • Thermal FEM
  • Geometry
  • Curve
  • AM
  • Data
  • Voxel
  • File System

Get more information about the new release

Get detailed infos about all new features, UX and performance improvements, new Nodes and Node improvements in our portal (registration needed)

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