March 31, 2021

Wohler Report 2021

We are on the worldwide list of DfAM software at Wohlers Report 2021

Thank you Wohlers Associates, Inc., for the prominent mention of ELISE in the latest issue of your unique report on 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing!

For the development of additive components, traditional CAD tools are often no longer sufficient. 3D printing now enables such complex structures that only specialized software can exploit the full potential.

The current Wohlers Report lists the most important software products for this purpose. It’s exciting that we are on this list with our approach to Generative Engineering! Wohlers illustrated the versatility of the development method with our contribution to the GS Trophy motorcycle rally. Here, each vehicle received an individual radiator cover with the name and competitor number of the driver. The Wohlers Report shows our example as an illustrative possibility of how individual products can be developed automatically.

Additionally the Report 2021 highlights the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on additive manufacturing, indicating a 7.5% growth in the industry in 2020, reaching a value of $12.8 billion. However, this growth is notably lower than the 27.4% annual rate of the past decade. The crisis affected the entire additive manufacturing value chain. The report focuses on the pandemic's influence on machine sales, applications, and material costs, with a particular emphasis on healthcare, food, and electronics sectors.

While many 3D device manufacturers experienced a decline in sales, 3D printing service providers saw a 7.1% revenue increase, totaling approximately $5.3 billion. The report also delves into material prices, hidden costs, pre- and post-production aspects, and testing methods for 3D printed parts.

Despite economic challenges, investments and acquisitions in the industry signal confidence in its future. Notable examples include Desktop Metal's public offering with a market capitalization of $7.5 billion and DyeMansion's $14 million fundraising to accelerate finished part production. Acquisitions like Protolabs' 3D Hubs and Desktop Metal's EnvisionTec underscore the dynamism of the market as it increasingly shifts towards producing finished products.

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Interested in the Wohlers Report 2021? Read the full article in 3D natives (in german).

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