Revolutionizing product development: BMW motorcycle radiator cover

Individualized engineering at its peak, faster than ever

Leveraging Synera's Visual Programming to Drive Efficient, Personalized Designs

For the GS Trophy Rally, 18 biker teams charged through Mongolia, each with a custom radiator cover on their BMW GS motorcycles. These covers, serving as unique identifiers, presented each rider's name and starting number, a crucial detail amidst the frenzy of off-road competition. At Synera, we pioneered an innovative approach to materialize these covers, creating the workflow which fully automates the product development process. With this workflow, Synera's platform seamlessly integrated each rider’s unique data into the design process, allowing for individual customization within mass production - a feat unheard of in traditional manufacturing. The covers were then 3D-printed, creating a series of unique yet consistently reliable parts. Synera software, combining the power of visual programming and the e-Stage algorithm by Materialise, made this possible in mere days, vastly reducing typical development time. This groundbreaking process underscores Synera’s commitment to personalization, efficiency, and innovation in the realm of product development.

Project outcomes

DfAM automated from end to end