Connected engineering for Aerospace: Airbus A320

Synera: Redefining Aerospace Engineering Excellence

Efficient Designs, Unparalleled Performance: Synera's Aerospace Innovations

Synera: An aerospace trailblazer, redefining the industry with advanced solutions. Their focus on the Airbus A320's jacking point, the Auxiliary Stabilizing Point, led to remarkable achievements. Utilizing Generative Engineering, they achieved an 80% reduction in development time, producing a robust yet 40% lighter component. This groundbreaking approach starts with clear goals, not fixed blueprints, enabling autonomous design exploration. Synera's innovation and commitment to pushing boundaries highlight their leadership in aerospace engineering. The sky's the limit as they continue to shape the future of aerospace with efficient designs and unmatched performance.

Project outcomes

Weight Reduction
Less weight. Less CO2 emissions. Higher performance.
Time Saved
Spend more time on what matters the most.