Automated Bionic Bracket Design with Synera

Empowering Spaceflight: Automated Bionic Bracket Solutions.

Streamlining Additive Manufacturing with Connected Engineering

Space exploration's high costs demand lightweight designs. Enter Connected Engineering—an innovation that automates geometrically complex component development for aerospace additive manufacturing (AM). Unlike traditional processes, Connected Engineering's single software environment enables automated generation of lightweight designs, adapting to changing boundary conditions in real-time. The focus is on bionic bracket structures rather than specific components. Technical specs guide the process to derive optimal load paths and dimensions for the lightweight design structure. Once the setup is complete, each loop of design interpretation and dimensioning takes just 10 minutes, fostering rapid innovation and reducing time-to-market. Automated design minimizes human errors, ensuring consistent, reliable results. This liberates engineers to focus on creative problem-solving and critical thinking, enhancing overall product quality. Additionally, the method's efficiency contributes to lower fuel consumption and reduced launch costs, offering considerable benefits to aerospace companies. Beyond aerospace, automated AM processes have transformative potential across industries like transportation and defense. As we push the boundaries of space exploration, Connected Engineering's impact on manufacturing drives us towards more efficient, economical, and sustainable space travel and other technological advancements.

Project outcomes

weight reduction
Elevating Efficiency and Performance
10 min
design iteration after process setup
Streamlined Design Iteration