Volkswagen transforms safety design with Synera's low-code technology

Engineering Volkswagen's future of safety

Synera empowers Volkswagen to enhance convertible crash-protection

Synera's innovative visual programming tool was instrumental in shaping the new paradigm of safety in Volkswagen Golf convertibles. It enabled the Volkswagen engineers to deal with complex, non-linear FE setups and a multitude of design variables, making the daunting task of designing a crash-relevant A-pillar reinforcement manageable and efficient. Synera's platform not only defined the A-pillar's specifications but also optimized it for energy absorption during a crash. The result? A substantial enhancement in safety for Volkswagen's convertible-loving customers. With Synera's tool, engineers can automate intricate product development workflows without needing to write any code. The platform seamlessly integrates with CAD, FEA, and CAM tools, accelerating the product development cycle. Ultimately, Synera's solution allows Volkswagen to deliver safer, better-engineered vehicles faster, assuring a delightful open-air driving experience for their customers.

Project outcomes

weight reduction
In comparison to classical A-pillar design
less parts
Reduction of parts for the whole A-pillar assembly