January 23, 2024

Additive Design Toolkit by Fraunhofer IAPT

We are thrilled to announce a groundbreaking addition to the Synera platform

Accelerate additive manufacturing design process

Designing parts for additive manufacturing (AM) can be complex and time-consuming. Engineers and decision-makers need access to expert know-how and design guidelines specific to AM to ensure optimal part designs and improve efficiency. This is where the Fraunhofer IAPT Additive Design Toolkit for Synera comes in.

The problem: Designing for additive manufacturing

Additive manufacturing introduces unique design considerations that differ from traditional manufacturing methods. Small geometric features, cavities, and varying surface qualities can impact the final part's integrity and quality. Additionally, determining the optimal part orientation and support structure placement can be challenging due to the complexity of freeform geometries in AM.

The comprehensive Additive Design Toolkit addresses these challenges and streamline the design process for additive manufacturing. Developed by experts in the field from Fraunhofer IAPT in Hamburg Germany, this toolkit assists engineers in evaluating and optimizing part designs for AM.

Key features of the Additive Design Toolkit (ADT)

The Additive Design Toolkit (ADT) offers a range of powerful features to facilitate the evaluation and optimization of part designs for additive manufacturing such as the:

  • Evaluation of Part Designs: The ADT assists in identifying small geometric features, cavities, and surface regions that may impact the final print quality. It provides insights for optimizing part designs.
  • Support Structure Estimation: Determining the optimal location and volume of support structures is crucial for successful additive manufacturing. The ADT helps estimate these parameters, streamlining the design process.
  • Integration with Optimization Workflows: The ADT can seamlessly integrate with part design optimization workflows, enabling engineers to explore various design candidates and manufacturing orientations efficiently.

Benefits of the Additive Design Toolkit (ADT)

By using the Additive Design Toolkit (ADT), engineers, product designers, and manufacturing companies can utilise a range of benefits.

  • Accelerated Design Guideline Checks: The ADT reduces the time and effort required for manual design guideline checks. This helps to decrease engineering costs and speeds up the design iteration process.
  • Efficient Evaluation of Design Candidates: Additive manufacturing offers unparalleled design freedom, but navigating through numerous design candidates and orientations can be overwhelming. The ADT automates this process, enabling the evaluation of large numbers of design options quickly and effectively.
  • Lowering the Barrier to Adoption: The Additive Design Toolkit (ADT) empowers newcomers to additive manufacturing by providing tools and insights that simplify the design process. This helps lower the barrier to entry and encourages wider adoption of this advanced manufacturing method.


The Additive Design Toolkit (ADT) by Fraunhofer IAPT is yet another powerful tool part of Synera’s marketplace for engineers, product designers, and scientists in additive manufacturing looking to use the full potential the process. By simplifying design evaluations and providing valuable manufacturing insights, the ADT accelerates the adoption of additive manufacturing and paves the way for innovative and sustainable parts. Synera's commitment to create an open ecosystem for engineers continues to propel the industry forward, providing the solutions and connectivity needed to meet and exceed the demands of modern design, engineering, and manufacturing teams.  

Download Additive Design Toolkit in our Portal

New fetures Update: 01.05.2024

  • All nodes now have a legend that can be automatically included in screenshots, making documentation of your work even more efficient.
  • The feature distance and feature thickness node provide even more nuanced feedback. You can now use multiple colors to indicate different distance and thickness levels instead of a single threshold. This is extremely useful when working with filigree structures like TPMS or lattices.

About Fraunhofer IAPT

Fraunhofer IAPT drives sustainable innovation in additive manufacturing, covering research, development, and implementation across the entire production process. Key focuses include life science, energy, mobility, security, and defense, aiming for widespread industrial application to enhance productivity, resource efficiency, resilience, and prosperity.
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