September 8, 2023

Introducing Casting Morpher by CDS

We are thrilled to announce a groundbreaking addition to the Synera platform

Cognitive Design Systems has unveiled a cutting-edge design tool for casting and injection molding within the Synera platform.

As a vital component of the Cognitive Molding solution, catering to diverse molding applications like die casting and injection molding, the debut of the Casting Morpher marks an exciting development. This tool empowers engineers to effortlessly explore alternative designs tailored for various manufacturing methods through a fully automated process.

Casting Morpher by CDS

The innovative morpher drastically reduces the time required to optimize parts for casting applications. With this automated solution, our users can expect to streamline their part optimization and facilitate the transition to casting with just a few clicks. Geometrical analyses and orientation calculations are seamlessly executed, ensuring the tool's accessibility without any prerequisites.

Wondering how you can leverage this tool?

This tool expands the horizons of topology optimization beyond additive manufacturing. While topology optimization is a well-established technique for enhancing material layouts under given conditions and constraints, it is predominantly associated with additive manufacturing. However, we pose the question: what if we could harness it for casting and injection applications?

Topology-optimized designs often yield intricate and highly flexible designs, but this complexity can pose challenges when it comes to mass production, particularly in conventional manufacturing methods like injection molding, casting, and machining. By integrating the morpher with topology-optimized outcomes, you can explore casting as an economical alternative for large-scale production.

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About CDS

Cognitive Design Systems (CDS) is a software company enabling designers and engineers to automate and accelerate their design process using AI. The software converts concept designs into manufacturable, sustainable and economically viable products using machine learning algorithms.
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