August 2, 2023

Efficient Product Development

SpringerProfessional article: Connected Engineering makes product development more efficient

In the article (in german), the innovative approach of Connected Engineering is addressed, demonstrating how it makes product development more digital, efficient, and competitive.

The role of digitalization in product development

Germany is known for engineering expertise and technological know-how. However, to remain globally competitive, innovative solutions are needed to optimize product development. Connected Engineering combines engineering knowledge with digital methodology, automating recurring processes. The workflow for a product or component is designed once, and AI-supported adjustments occur automatically. The result? A significant reduction in manual iteration steps and more efficient product development.


The example of the Isofix adapter: Efficient product development in practice

Synera's visual programming environment can be used to automate repetitive tasks in all areas.

The development of the Isofix adapter by the EDAG Group is an impressive example of Connected Engineering. Using Synera's software, the EDAG Group was able to reduce manual iteration steps by over 80% and decrease the Isofix adapter's end weight by more than 40%. Thanks to Connected Engineering, optimized solutions could be implemented more quickly, granting the EDAG Group a significant competitive advantage.


A thank you to the EDAG Group

Special thanks go to our esteemed customer, the EDAG Group. The collaboration has helped us successfully implement Connected Engineering in practice and develop innovative solutions. The EDAG Group demonstrates impressively the importance of agile and efficient product development, and how Synera's methodology contributes to realizing forward-looking projects.

Read the full article

Would you like to learn more about Connected Engineering? Read the full article in Springer Professional (in german) and discover the benefits of this innovative approach.

Discover the benefits yourself – Test Synera's Low-Code platform!

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