October 31, 2022

ELISE is now Synera!

An open letter and announcement from our founders.

Dear customers and business partners,

when we started ELISE about 10 years ago, we wanted to support our customers in the best possible way to achieve their development goals in bionic design and lightweight constructions.

At that time, we literally wrote our mission into our name: ELISE stands for Evolutionary Lightweight Structure Engineering. We wanted to break new ground by using not only research but also state-of-the-art software and technology. However, we soon realized that the solutions we needed for our work simply did not exist.

We, therefore, began to develop the tools we had always wanted in order to help our customers achieve their goals better and faster. This led to a new category of software solutions that we call "Connected Engineering". And so we evolved from a service provider to a software company.

ELISE, then, as now, is above all one thing: a solution by engineers for engineers.

With ELISE, we have since made our contribution to enabling engineers to work together faster, better, and more effectively. All based on a "low-code" platform that connects people, departments, and external software solutions to achieve breakthrough results.

Backed by a €14.5 million investment from our great investors Spark Capital, BMW i Ventures, Cherry Ventures, UVC Partners, and Venture Stars, we are now embarking on a new era that harnesses synergies better than any other development approach on the market. We believe in becoming the go-to tool for engineers and we are committing to this vision with our new name: Synera.


Has ELISE/Synera been acquired?

No, there is no change in ownership structure.

Does it have any relation to the Series A announced in September?

No – this was planned for a long time, we were waiting for having the resources to pull it off with the scope we had in mind.

When does this come into effect? Which areas of business are affected?

The change will be effective November 2, 2022. The new software version will be made available with the "Fabulous Freya" release under "Synera".

Will it impact my experience in the software? Will I see changes / bugs / issues in the platform because of it?

The switch from ELISE to Synera should not have a negative impact on user experience. We have made visual adjustments in some places and transferred the design elements of the Synera brand to the software.

What exactly do I need to do to transfer my Scripts to work with Synera?

A script is automatically updated to the new version the first time it is used in Synera. In doing so, we (hopefully) make all the changes to the script that we made in our API, so the script should run again. The original script will be saved as a backup alongside the updated script. Feel free to contact our support if the updated script does not work.

Does this have an impact on my previous work/files (.els file vs. .syn file)? / Can I open my old files in Synera?

You can open the files with the extension .els in Synera and work with them as usual. When you save the file, it will be saved as a new .syn file.

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