March 1, 2024

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Internet of Things article: Low code and connected engineering: an innovative symbiosis

In the rapidly evolving engineering landscape, the convergence of low-code technology and connected engineering offers a transformative solution to streamline product development processes. Traditionally, engineering workflows have been hampered by fragmented digital tools, lengthy iterations and a lack of skilled labour. Low code, an easy-to-use programming language, empowers non-programmers to create custom applications, while connected engineering integrates disparate tools and departments into a cohesive workflow.

Ideally, a universal platform provides interfaces to all the necessary applications in a company's product development process.

By using low code within a connected engineering framework, organisations can reduce development time by up to 76% and significantly improve product quality. This approach eliminates process bottlenecks, promotes cross-departmental collaboration and increases transparency through automated documentation. In addition, the flexibility of low-code workflows enables rapid adaptation to changing requirements without having to restart the entire process.

In addition, the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) increases the efficiency of product development by automating tasks such as mould design and price estimation. Practical examples from leading engineering companies demonstrate the tangible benefits of this innovative approach, including significant reductions in component weight and accelerated time-to-market.

Overall, the symbiotic relationship between low code and connected engineering represents a paradigm shift in product development, democratising access to automation and optimisation tools while driving innovation and efficiency across the industry.

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Would you like to learn more about LowCode and Connected Engineering? Read the full article in Internet of Things (in german) and discover the benefits of this innovative approach.

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