October 6, 2023

How the Edag Group develops the Isofix adapters

IT&Production article: Low Code for engineers

Low-code technology is revolutionizing the engineering landscape, particularly within the automotive industry. The Edag Group, a renowned engineering service provider, has harnessed the power of Synera's low-code platform to streamline and enhance the development process. This transformation shifts away from manual design towards parameterized, automated workflows.

Traditionally, engineers utilize a range of applications such as MBSE, CAD, CAE, and CAM, each with its distinct phases. Data is exported, re-imported, and reprocessed, often leading to errors and, in some cases, starting over from scratch. Synera's low-code platform introduces a novel approach called Connected Engineering. It modularizes the design process, enabling engineers to create reusable modules interconnected with subsequent tasks, automatically transferring vital data. Edag Group is one of the pioneering users of this platform.

A tangible example is the development of Isofix adapters, which Edag Group has undertaken for various car manufacturers. This standardized child seat fastening system necessitates adjustments for different car body geometries. Prior to low-code adoption, the development process was manual and time-consuming, involving technical specifications, design, construction, simulation, and production planning, with limited scalability.

Connected Engineering changes this approach. Instead of specifying surfaces and features manually in CAD tools, designers craft instructions that generate these features when executed. Changes are made swiftly, as designers only need to adjust a few instructions to meet new specifications. This approach is supported through a low-code workflow, not a traditional programming language. The platform also connects various process steps, automatically transferring and processing outputs between applications. This results in a seamless flow of design changes throughout the process chain, emphasizing the product creation process over the final product.

The result at Edag is significant standardization of the Isofix adapter, with customization limited to the connection points to the car body. Individual parameters are tweaked to create the right component, undergo testing, and prepare for production. Additionally, Synera's Connected Engineering platform optimizes the design, resulting in a 30% reduction in iterations and a 40% weight reduction. Low-code technology, epitomized by Synera's platform, is poised to reshape engineering in the automotive sector, unlocking efficiency, agility, and innovation.

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