March 7, 2024

Release webinar 24.03 Judicious Juracan

Step into Synera 24.03 Judicious Juracan, packed with game-changing features!

Our new version 24.03 Judicious Juracan with some of the most important new features is live!

Our new release is fully packed with 85 new features and 60 bugs were fixed. Check out our release webinar with our Co-CEO Daniel Siegel,our Partner Manager Andrew Sartorelli and our Product Manager Sophie Demmin and Christoph Schinner.

New features

  • Advanced mesh to body with Subdivision Modelling

It is now much easier to preserve hard edges when turning your topology optimization meshes into solid bodies – with the new SubD nodes! With local control over edge crease angles, you can now decide which edges should stay hard and which should be smoothed. In addition, the new SubD nodes support open and non-manifold meshes – and they are a lot faster than our old Body to Mesh node!

  • Never lose your work

Synera crashed on you?  Don’t worry, we’ve got your back! While we cannot prevent each and every crash, we added a new workflow recovery feature.  It automatically stores all workflow changes in the background.  
After a crash, simply pick the files you want to recover and continue working where you left off. The recovery feature is activated by default. You can switch it off in the settings.

  • Improved input and output management

Your Custom Node and Synera Run workflows are growing bigger and bigger! To help you set them up, we added two new sidebar tabs dedicated to inputs and outputs.  
You can now organize inputs and outputs into groups, reorder them via drag-and-drop  & see their values at a glance – no more panning
And the best thing: input groups now work for Custom Node as well!

  • Improved inputs, outputs and visualization in Synera Run

Inputs and outputs can now be shown in expandable groups, making it much easier for users to navigate larger Run workflows. Run users can now also modify viewer settings, for example, to display specific load steps or results of an FEA model. And last but not least: Synera Run now also works for mobile screens!

New nodes and improvements
  • SubD nodes
  • Geometry nodes
  • Import Geometry as Mesh node
  • Dictionary node
  • Mesh nodes
  • FEA nodes
  • New nodes for constructing a set of Node/Element
  • New nodes for converting shell meshes into solid meshes
  • Python node with Editor
  • Updated Result Isomesh node
  • Updated the Model View node
  • Updated Shell Part and Deconstruct Shell Part nodes

Get more information about the new release

Get detailed infos about all new features, UX and performance improvements, new Nodes and Node improvements in our portal (registration needed)

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