June 5, 2024

Synera's CAD-2-Cost automation solution

Enhancing efficiency and accuracy in Cost Engineering - a recap of this years's Cost Smarter Conference

On June 4, 2024, Synera showcased its CAD-2-Cost Automation Solution at the Cost Smarter Conference organized by FACTON. Developed in collaboration with ARRK Engineering and FACTON, this solution enables automation in cost engineering by integrating Synera's low-code platform with FACTON's cost management tools.

Key takeaways from the session

  1. Need for automation: The session highlighted the necessity of automation in cost engineering to streamline workflows and improve efficiency.
  2. Integration capabilities: Synera’s platform consolidates expertise and data from various software tools, automating cost estimation processes.
  3. ARRK’s connector: ARRK Engineering’s specialized connector links Synera and FACTON, automating the extraction of cost-relevant features from CAD models.
  4. Enhanced accuracy & speed: The integration enables rapid and accurate cost estimates, helping purchasing departments make timely decisions.
  5. Collaborative impact: The collaboration between Synera, FACTON, and ARRK Engineering is enhancing cost engineering by reducing manual tasks and improving cost evaluation accuracy.

Event highlights

Session Overview

The keynote titled "Automation in Cost Engineering | CAD-2-Cost," was moderated by Piotr Faderski, VP of Sales at FACTON. It featured insights from industry experts including Dr. Moritz Maier, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Synera, and Petrus Petrus, Head of Digitalization at ARRK Engineering.

Challenges in Cost Engineering

Ralf Altpeter, General Manager of FACTON, began the session by addressing the complex challenges cost engineers face. He highlighted the fragmented nature of the tools and methods used for cost calculations, emphasizing the need for streamlined workflows.

"Cost engineers navigate a multi-layered environment involving endless spreadsheets, CAD geometry, customer-specific software, API calls, web-based services, or CO2 databases. To expedite this workflow, we collaborated with Synera and discovered their ability to simplify complex engineering processes." – Ralf stated.

Synera’s role in automating Cost Engineering

Dr. Moritz Maier explained how Synera’s low-code platform addresses these inefficiencies. He noted that the platform consolidates expertise and data from various software tools, including PLM, PDM, and CAD data.  

"Our platform captures, unifies, and reuses expertise and data from different software tools, including PLM, PDM, and CAD data" Moritz explained.

Using Synera's visual programming environment, users can automate the extraction of cost-relevant features from 3D CAD models, significantly speeding up the cost estimation process. This capability allows purchasing departments to generate accurate cost estimates quickly, enabling them to make cost-effective decisions with confidence.

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ARRK Engineering’s Connector: Linking Synera and FACTON

Petrus Petrus from ARRK Engineering detailed the development of a specialized connector that integrates FACTON's Should Costing solutions with Synera. This connector automates the extraction of cost-relevant features from 3D CAD models, seamlessly feeding this data into FACTON's cost calculation tools.  

Petrus demonstrated a workflow on the Synera platform, showcasing how geometric data from CAD models is used to generate detailed cost insights. This integration not only enhances accuracy but also supports optimal decision-making in component costs and purchasing strategies.  

"Our goal was to connect both worlds—Synera and FACTON—through a customizable and efficient solution," Petrus stated. "The first connector for Injection Molding is now available soon in the Synera Marketplace, enabling users to quickly integrate and automate their workflows."

Rule-based workflowfor a maximum of tansparency for selected commodities

Transforming cost evaluation

The collaboration between Synera, FACTON, and ARRK is changing the landscape of cost engineering. By automating the extraction of cost-relevant features and integrating this data with professional cost calculation tools, Synera’s solution offers increased efficiency and accuracy.

Ralf Altpeter concluded the session by emphasizing the practical benefits of this collaboration: "No more manual work, more time for actual cost evaluation." He invited attendees to experience the Costing Robot and explore the various cost models available within FACTON's Should Costing solution, now seamlessly integrated with Synera.

Watch the recording of Synera, ARRK Engineering and FACTON’s webinar on Cost Engineering Automation.

Learn more

Synera, FACTON, and ARRK Engineering are dedicated to driving innovation in cost engineering, offering a solution that empowers engineers and purchasing departments to achieve greater efficiency and cost-effectiveness.  Visit our website that provides additional information on how our CAD-2-Cost automation streamlines your cost engineering processes.  

Visit our website that provides additional information on how our CAD-2-Cost automation streamlines your cost engineering processes.  

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