January 4, 2024

Synera Podcast Episode 7 is now live!

Get to know Rahman Akkoyun and gain insight into the A* algorithm

Join us on a journey into power electronics and pathfinding algorithms. Our guest for this episode is Rahman Akkoyun, an expert with profound knowledge. In this episode, he will delve into the specifics of the A* algorithm, a pathfinding gem that finds applications in diverse sectors, including robotics, gaming, and transportation.

Rahman introduces the A* algorithm, discussing its fundamental concepts. Real-world applications further exemplify the versatility and efficacy of the A* algorithm. We also cover the challenges inherent in crafting cable paths for power electronics. Rahman outlines the specific hurdles, such as limiting bending angles and ensuring proper cable connections, and elucidates how the A* algorithm emerges as a powerful solution to overcoming these obstacles.

We cover the benefits of automatic cable path creation in CAD for power electronics design processes. Rahman articulates the advantages, emphasizing improved efficiency and accuracy. Moreover, he extends the scope, illustrating how this technology holds promise beyond power electronics, finding relevance across various industries. A glimpse into how Synera streamlines the process, eliminating the need for manual measurements within CAD environments, adds a practical layer to the discussion.

Listen to Episode 7

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