February 27, 2024

Synera Podcast Episode 8 is now live!

Get to know Moritz Maier and learn how engineers can leverage Low-Code to automate processes.

In the latest episode of the Connected Engineering podcast, we were privileged to host Moritz Maier to discuss the transformative power of process automation in engineering. Moritz, co-founder of Synera, shared invaluable insights into how engineers can use low-code to automate processes, ushering in an era of agile hardware development and seamless integration of CAx tools.

Moritz kicked off the conversation with a compelling personal anecdote that underscored the critical need for process automation in engineering. His experience vividly illustrated how automating repetitive manual tasks can revolutionise productivity and efficiency, freeing up valuable time for innovation and problem solving.

Throughout the episode, we explored the various challenges engineers face when adopting process automation, particularly within larger organisations. Moritz highlighted the significant activation energy required to convince end-users and decision-makers to adopt new automation solutions. However, he emphasised the importance of demonstrating tangible benefits and return on investment (ROI) to effectively facilitate the adoption process.

A key feature of Synera highlighted in the discussion was its intuitive visual programming language. This feature allows users to effortlessly create automation workflows using drag-and-drop nodes, democratising the automation process and making it accessible to engineers across different departments. By providing a common language through automation, Synera aims to streamline communication and foster collaboration between engineering teams, ultimately increasing overall efficiency.

Episode 8 of the Connected Engineering Podcast offers valuable insights into the future of engineering, where process automation plays a central role in driving innovation, efficiency, and collaboration. As organizations continue to navigate the evolving landscape of technology and automation, Moritz Maier's expertise provides a roadmap for engineers to harness the full potential of process automation, revolutionizing the way we design and develop hardware. Be sure to tune in to the full episode for a deeper dive into this fascinating topic!

Listen to Episode 8

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