June 9, 2023

Revolutionizing Engineering article of our CEO Moritz Maier: The future of engineering is connected

The engineering sector is rapidly evolving everywhere due to digitalization, workforce shortages, and shorter product cycles. One of the primary obstacles faced by engineers is the lack of a cohesive environment that seamlessly integrates various tools for achieving product performance. On top of that, the connections between classical tools are fragile and inaccessible, leading to a disjointed product development process. This, in turn, forces engineers to spend hours manually updating designs to reflect changes, hampering rapid iteration and innovation.


Connected Engineering is the solution, digitally transforming development processes, connecting tools and teams, and boosting efficiency. It changes the way engineers operate by introducing a visual programming language.


Connected Engineering addresses the challenges of modern product development, where disparate tools and manual processes consume valuable time and expertise. Engineers can now seamlessly integrate tools, streamline workflows, and achieve real-time results.


The platform empowers engineers to create, simulate, and evaluate designs efficiently, all while fostering collaboration and reusability. Connected Engineering unchains engineers from repetitive tasks, propelling them toward sinnovation and faster product development, without specialized IT support.


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Would you like to learn more about Connected Engineering? Read the full article of our CEO Moritz Maier (in german) and discover the benefits of this innovative approach.

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