ISOFix Bracket: EDAGs fast series production- ready AM parts

Empowering Mobility Solutions: EDAG & Synera - Redefining Efficiency, Inspiring Growth

Automated Additive Design: Streamlining Variants, Cutting Costs, Boosting Efficiency

The Automatic Generation of Design Variants by EDAG addresses the challenges of developing ISOFix brackets, which exhibit numerous variations as interface elements between car bodies and seats. The complexity results in a large number of change loops during the development process. To tackle this, EDAG leverages Synera, employing topology optimization, FEM validation, and build job preparation. With the ISOFix workflow, design variants are automatically generated when boundary conditions change, ensuring adaptability. Parameters are optimized to minimize the need for support structures in the final build job, leading to lower development costs and value-added lightweight designs. This paves the way for small series production. EDAG's Connected Engineering platform proves pivotal, reducing development time for serial-production-ready additive manufacturing parts by an impressive 40%. The automated design for additive manufacturing empowers real-time adjustments to evolving constraints, optimizing efficiency throughout development. The integrated synergy between EDAG and Synera enables faster, cost-effective, and adaptable design processes, revolutionizing the mobility industry.

Project outcomes

Weight Reduction
Enhanced performance, lower CO2.
time saved during development
Quicker development, faster market entry.
reduction of separate software applications
Streamlined workflow, cost-effective.