October 19, 2023

Interview with Co-CEO Moritz Maier

Interview with Co-CEO Moritz Maier "From engineer to innovator" at Handelsblatt Autogipfel 2023

In this interview at Handelsblatt Autogipfel 2023, our Co-CEO and Co-Founder Dr. Moritz Maier discusses the revolutionary impact of low-code development in the automotive industry, particularly in Germany, a major international player in automotive manufacturing. Moritz highlights the challenges faced by the industry, notably the need to shorten innovation cycles and enhance collaboration.

Low code is described as a visual and intuitive programming language that allows engineers, even those without programming knowledge, to automate recurring tasks in the automotive industry. Unlike traditional design processes, which require starting over when specifications change, low code supports a model-based development approach, where a workflow generates parts in an automated manner, making adjustments easier.

Connected Engineering is emphasized, leveraging interfaces and links between systems to expedite changes, resulting in more than 70% time savings on average. This efficiency enables engineers to focus on creativity and innovation, leading to quicker product development. Synera's low-code platform integrates data, tools, and knowledge across departments, streamlining collaboration and democratizing knowledge.

Co-Founder & Co-CEO Dr. Moritz Maier

Low code's relevance extends to emerging automotive trends, such as electric vehicles and connected cars. In the context of electric vehicles, Synera's platform allows for the automation of design tasks related to battery development. The collaboration-intensive nature of connected cars benefits from the platform's capabilities, ensuring seamless cooperation between various departments.

Moritz emphasizes that their platform brings software development methods into engineering and incorporates artificial intelligence (AI) solutions. These AI models enable applications like predicting head impact values, significantly reducing development times.

Looking ahead, the Synera platform plays a pivotal role in the transformation of engineering, bridging the gap between engineers' expertise and programming skills. It empowers engineers to access automation, AI, and data, thereby ushering the automotive industry into a new era, where engineers act as curators who control algorithms and AI, not just tool users.

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If you are interest in the key takeaways of the Handelsblatt Autogipfel 2023 inluding the contribution from our Co-CEO Moritz Maier, read our full article.

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