October 27, 2023

The Future of Automotive Engineering

Key takeaways from the Handelsblatt Auto Gipfel 2023 with an exciting contribution from our Co-CEO Moritz

The atmosphere at the 2023 Handelsblatt Auto Gipfel was nothing short of electric. Leaders in the automotive industry gathered to discuss the future, and the consensus was unanimous: China is emerging as a dominant force, and connected, software-defined vehicles are setting the new standard.

The Rise of China in the Automotive Landscape

With China now accounting for approximately 30% of the global car market, the sense of urgency among German automakers was palpable. As they find themselves in a race to catch up, these companies are shifting strategies. Where German OEMs have traditionally been reliant on in-house software development, there's now an acknowledgment that collaboration with tech giants like Google, Nvidia, and Foxconn is necessary to remain competitive.

Carbon Neutrality as a Catalyst for Innovation

Perhaps the most impactful statement came from Mercedes CEO Ola Källenius, who boldly proclaimed, "We will be carbon neutral by 2039." This sets the stage for electric vehicles to become the cornerstone of future automotive designs, particularly given their energy efficiency, which is around 70%.

© Handelsblatt Autogipfel

Overcoming Engineering Complexities

Transitioning to electric vehicles brings a set of complex engineering challenges, ranging from battery design and e-motors to recyclability and design-to-cost considerations. Traditional engineering workflows and tools are proving insufficient for these multi-faceted challenges.

Low-Code & AI: Disruptive Solutions for New Challenges

At the summit, we had the privilege to present how low-code platforms like Synera, powered by AI, can provide transformative solutions for the automotive industry. Such platforms enable rapid design iterations, automated optimizations, and a centralized repository of engineering expertise, all contributing to an agile hardware development cycle.

© Handelsblatt Autogipfel
© Handelsblatt Autogipfel

JARVIS: The Co-Pilot for Automotive Engineers

In an intriguing development, Mercedes' CEO highlighted JARVIS as a promising AI application for the automotive sector. However, we're not just considering JARVIS as an in-car feature; we're envisioning it as a co-pilot for engineers. Integrated with Synera, JARVIS provides real-time, AI-driven decision support, enabling engineers to confront complex design and optimization challenges directly.


We extend our gratitude to Handelsblatt for hosting an event that not only enlightens but also empowers us to drive innovation in automotive engineering.

The future is being engineered today. The question is, are you prepared to be a part of it?

Read CEO Moritz Maier's full interview before the Handelsblatt Autogipfel 2023.

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