Automated Engineering with EDAG Group

Automated Engineering revolutionizes product development by seamlessly connecting tools and reducing manual work. EDAG Group provides expert Synera automation solutions that enhance both quality and speed – fostering innovation and accelerating time-to-market.

About EDAG Group

The EDAG Group is a leading independent engineering services provider that combines excellent engineering with the latest technological trends. Interdisciplinary teams of experts create unique mobility and  industry solutions – globally and at the same time close to the  customer.

We rethink and redesign mobility and industry: global and holistic. For this, we combine excellent engineering with the latest technology trends. The result are exclusive mobility and industry solutions.At 60 locations worldwide, recognized experts develop unique mobility and industrial solutions for customers that include the world's leading automotive and non-automotive companies.

EDAG Group Services

Onboarding, training and consulting

Our experts support you in the best way at onboarding, training and consulting using Synera.

Automation workflow development

We develop the Synera automations tailored specifically to your use case.

Add-in development

We help you to automate your whole development  process including development of an individual connector or plug-in for your need.

Automation Capabilities

Synera engineers: 10

Synera trainers: 1

Completed projects: 20+

Locations: 3

Germany, Spain & Poland

Languages: 4

German, English, Spanish, Polish

EDAG Group Partner Contact

Thomas Ketterle

Key Account Manager
+49 151 65929065