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Design for Sustainability

Design for Sustainability: Automate Your Product Development

Reduce carbon footprint with the automation of life cycle assessment tools


Integrating LCA tools into the development process is a challenge

When designing sustainable products, one of the main challenges is integrating life cycle assessment (LCA) tools into the software stack of the development process. LCA is a tool that helps to analyze the environmental impact of different materials, manufacturing processes, and transportation methods. However, it can be difficult to effectively incorporate this information into the design process.


Unlocking Sustainable Design: Our low-code platform help to integrate LCA Tools into the product development process

Synera helps to solve the challenge of integrating LCA tools into the product development process by providing an easy way to access these tools, automate the process of running LCA simulations, optimize the product design to minimize the use of resources and provide the ability to make trade-offs between different design options.

Improved access to LCA tools

By integrating LCA tools and making them accessible to non-experts, designers and engineers can easily incorporate environmental impact information into the design process, without the need for specialized expertise.

Automated LCA simulations

Synera automates the process of running LCA simulations, which saves time and effort for designers and engineers. This allows for faster and more efficient evaluation of different design options.

Optimization of resources

Synera provides the ability to optimize product designs to minimize the use of materials, energy, and other resources. This helps to reduce the environmental impact of the product and improve sustainability.

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